Engineering Support

Communication and support are vital to the success of any business or any project.  Our designers are given the freedom to use their personal experience and imagination but our system assures that the customer’s criteria is met.  Concept drawings are often submitted along with or prior to a quote to make sure we’re giving the customer what they want.

Once an order is received, we have a system of checklists that assures the designer has the information necessary to do the job.  We schedule design review meetings, both internally and with the customer.  Upon customer approval the job is detailed and released to the shop.

Our shop supervisors will process the construction of each detail in the bill of material.  If questions arise, the designer is only a few steps away.  The assembly area has two large screens available to view projects as they’re being built.  The designer and assembler work closely to make sure that everything goes together as planned.  The final stop is inspection.  Once again, the designer will work with the inspector to make sure the assembled project is dimensionally to specification.