Arrow Engineering was founded in 1963 as a contract design service specializing in jigs and fixtures for holding close tolerances on complex aircraft parts.  The machinery of the day required every operation to be presented to the spindle.  The fixture did the work of multiple axis machines.

Workholding Fixtures today are no less complicated, in fact with the increased capabilities of modern machinery has come an increased demand for quality innovative workholding.  Hydraulic and Pneumatic fixtures are integrated directly into the machine tool.  Pallet pools and robotics are common and they require even more reliable fixturing.  Pressure to do more with less drives us to be better than our competition.

Global competition requires today’s manufacturers to use their equipment and personnel more efficiently than ever.  Our engineers find ways to fit more product into smaller spaces.  We work with your manufacturing engineers and programmers to assure proper tool clearance.  Our goal is to make our customers more successful.

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